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Located in the South of France close to the Petite Camargue, Phyco-Biotech compagny was established in February 2011. It was founded around three individuals with extensive experience in the microalgae cultivation and the phycobiliproteins production, which are fluorescent labels for medical diagnosis.

Its three founders:

Mr. Gilbert Gay

First French producer of spirulina with  Algosud compagny.

Mr. Nicolas Jouy

PhD in plant physiology, specialist in phycobiliproteins purification.

Mr. Jean-Claude Baccou

PhD in plant physiology, former teacher at the University of Sciences of Montpellier and scientific expert at the Ministry of Research and Innovation.

Our experts are in the field of extraction and purification of fluorescent labels for fifteen years and their skills are internationally recognized by many  companies. 

In addition, we obtained the Young Innovative Company status in 2011, and we are eligible for research tax credit since October 2013.

Today, Phyco Biotech is able to offer a wide range of highly purified natural fluorescent labels for medical diagnosis. 

Thus, building on the development of its human and technical assets, Phyco-Biotech has expanded its activity to two other sectors, both food supplements and cosmetics.

Our values

The quality

Our guideline is to produce the best product to our customers. For this reason, we have a strict internal system of quality control. We do batch tracking at each step of extraction and purification, and we are committed to maintain this quality in time.

The innovation

Innovation is our core business. We are currently conducting research studies to bring new phycobiliproteins with absorption spectra and  physicochemical properties different from those existing on the market.

The respect toward environment

In order to respect the environment, we do not use pesticides in our production processes and the nutrients in cultivation medium are food grade.

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