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continious quality control


We have a strict internal system of quality control. We do batch tracking at each step of extraction and purification, and we are committed to maintaining this quality in time.


Innovative R&D

Since innovation is one of our core values, it relates to all areas of Phyco-Biotech.

For our supplements and our cosmetics ahead, we currently carry objectification studies of new benefits for enriched spirulina in trace elements. These studies are done in collaboration with the University of Sciences of Montpellier 2 and the INSERM institute.

In addition, research studies are underway to propose new phycobiliproteins with absorption spectra and physicochemical properties different from those existing on the market

High cultivation quality

We control the entire production chain, which allows us to provide a product that meets our quality criteria and matches our values.

We selected among several strains of Spirulina the one that provides end products of the highest possible quality, both in terms of nutrition for food supplements, and fluorescence for labels.

Ethical, ecological and sustainable products

Building on our commitment to respect the environment and customers health, we do not use pesticides in our production processes and the nutrients used in microalgae cultivation are food grade.

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